The Inner Workings Of Beautiful Machines…


ARP Omni sliders dirty
ARP Odyssey III
Oberheim 8 Voice programmer and keyboard controller
ARP Odyssey circuit board
Juno-106 voice chips
Elka Synthex front panel
Moog Memorymoog and Polymoog synthesizers
PPG Wave 2.3 front panel
Prophet 5 synthesizer at night
Prophet 5 front panel
Roland SH-1 synth front panel
Roland SH-7 front panel
Roland Juno 106 and Kiwi-106 in studio
Moog Model 12 and PPG Wave 2.3
Sequential Prophet 5 LED display
Multimoog front panel touch section
 Moog Micromoog Multimoog and Polymoog
Polymoog button panel
Oberheim DMX display modules
Yamaha CS-80 preset buttons
Bee Gee synth
Linn Drum and Linn LM-1
ARP sub-modules
ROLAND SH-2000 and Roland VP-330
PPG Wave 2.3 with cover open
ARP 4015 sample and hold
Sequential Pro-1 PCB art
ARP Omni-2 front panel
Emulator 1 Floppy disks
Oberheim logo on a DMX circuit board
Roland Compurhythm and programmer
Blue face MXR FX units
Roland RE-501 front panel